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Military Discount
10% Discount on all Rentals for our service members!
Subscription Packages
Our newest program allows you the freedom
to borrow titles without return times or late fees!
Subscriptions are 30 days in length, with no automatic renewal.
MOVIE CRITIC$20/mo. (1 title at a time)
DOUBLE FEATURE$30/mo. (up to 2 titles at a time)
FILM FESTIVAL$40/mo. (up to 4 titles at a time)
New Releases, Just Off New, and Featured Titles are
NOT included in subscriptions and are subject to standard rental rates.

Prepaid Punchcards
Save on New Releases! They appear on your account,
so there’s no card to carry (or forget), and they have no
expiration date. You can also use them to renew a rental over the
phone for extra convenience (and to avoid late fees)!
4 for $14save 12% per title
11 for $36save 19% per title
25 for $75save 25% per title