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Ace in the Hole Act of Valor Age of Heroes Air America All Quiet...
All Quiet... Aloha American Sniper American Soldier Annapolis
Anthropoid Apocalypse Now A-Team Avenger
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Back to Bataan Baghdad ER Band of Brothers Battle of the Bulge Battleship
Behind Enemy Lines Behind Enemy Lines 2 Behind Enemy Lines 3 Belly of the Beast Beneath Hill 60
Berga Billy Lynn... Biloxi Blues Black Dawn Black Hawk Down
Black Point Black Sea Blast (2004) The Blitz Blue Thunder
Born on the 4th of July Bridge at Remagen Bridge on the River Kwai Bridge Too Far Broken Arrow
Brothers By Dawns Early Light 1990 By Dawn's Early Light 2000
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Casualties of War CIA: Exiled Conspiracy Coronado Counterfeit Traitor
Courage Under Fire Crimson Tide Cutter's Way
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DC 9/11: Time of Crisis Dear John Death and the Civil War Deer Hunter The Dependables
The Dirty Dozen Dogs of War Down Periscope
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The Eagle Has Landed Emperor Enemy at the Gates The Expendables The Expendables 2
The Expendables 3 Eye in the Sky
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Fat Man... A Few Good Men The Finest Hours Five Days of War Flags of Our Fathers
Flyboys Fog of War Full Metal Jacket Fury
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The General's Daughter Gettysburg GI Jane GI Joe GI Joe 2
Good Morning Vietnam Great Escape The Great Raid Green Zone The Guardian
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Hamburger Hill Hanoi Hilton Hanover Street Hart's War Heartbreak Ridge
Hell is for Heroes Home of the Brave Homefront Hornet's Nest Hot Shots
Hot Shots 2 Hunt for Eagle One Hunt for Red October The Hurt Locker
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Inglourious Basterds In the Valley of Elah Into the White
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Jarhead Jarhead 2 Jarhead 3
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Kelly's Heroes The Kingdom K-19
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The Last Drop Letters to Iwo Jima The Longest Day Lords of Discipline The Lost Battalion Love and Honor
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MacArthur Major Payne The Marine Marine 2 Marine 3
Marksman MASH McHale's Navy Medal of Honor Memorial Day
Memphis Belle Men of Honor Monuments Men
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The Pacific The Patriot Patton Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor Phantom Platoon Proud
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Red Badge of Courage Red Tails Rescue Dawn Road to War: Iraq Rules of Engagement
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Saints and Soldiers Saving Private Ryan Shooter A Soldier's Tale Sons of Liberty
Stateside Stop Loss Storming Juno Stripes Sum of All Fears
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Tears of the Sun Thin Red Line 13 Hours Three Kings Tigerland
Tillman Story Top Gun Tora Tora Tora Tropic Thunder Tuskagee Airman
Twelve O'Clock High
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U-571 Unbroken Uncommon Valor
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War and Peace War Flowers War Games War Horse War of the Century
War Pigs We Were Soldiers Windtalkers
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Zero Dark Thirty
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